I am a bespoke textile practitioner using hand stitching techniques to craft large scale projects for private collectors, architects, groups or individuals.

The cutwork is something I frequently make for windows. The pieces are hand cut from a single sheet of suede and hand stitched onto a sheer fabric. With the sun shining through from outside, these pieces then create shadows across the interior. During the day they seem opaque and subtle from the outside, whilst more graphic inside.

At night this is reversed. When lit from inside they now appear opaque inside but give the appearance of a finely cut silhouette if viewed from the exterior.

At various times of the day, perhaps the sunlight may catch crystals or sequins and pepper the walls with very small prisms that move with the sun. Embellishment is derived from crystals, beads, cut glass decorations, doillies, lace or antique clock or watch hands, according to the client's needs or taste.

The embroideries are currently concerned with stains. I take time to beautifully stitch things which are deemed to be ugly. As my work is all hand stitched and bespoke, designs can be produced on an intimately consultative basis in order to suit any requirements.

I often work with clients on multiple projects over a number of years and across a number of their homes, so relationships built on trust and understanding are an extremely important part of my practice.

The initial consultation can be as minimal or as detailed as you wish. Some clients prefer me to simply present them with finished designs, whilst other clients like to be very involved in the development of ideas and throughout the design process. This ensures they have a piece they feel is entirely personal to them. I am very comfortable with either approach as the key is that the final outcome will reflect my client's needs perfectly and result in a positive experience throughout the whole process.

Due to the nature of my clients, trust is key and discretion is used at all times. I am unable to issue a client list and all images are shown only with permission. Images are carefully edited to ensure no details of client's homes are shown.

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